Get to know me!

1. What is my favourite colour?
My favourite colour is white believe it or not, even though some people say it isn't really a colour. Oh well, I love it because it goes with everything!

2. Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs. I mean I have one of my own and I just couldn't live without one honestly.

3. What was my favourite and worst subject?
Let's start with the negative one first. My worst subject, as in the one I disliked the most was probably physics. I just didn't really take to it at all really. I used to dread the lessons because I found them boring, simply because the topics that were covered didn't really interest me. My favourite subject was either food Technology or chemistry. Yes chemistry. Now to start off, I used to HATE, HATE, HATE chemistry, but as time went on throughout the course I began to enjoy it a lot more. This was probably due to who I was surrounded by or the fabby chemistry teacher I had. Now to be brutally honest I only enjoyed food technology because we made food, and I LOVE food so yeah wasn't really about the subject at all.

4. What is my favourite drink?
Erm well this is a hard one because I have a few... But if I had to whittle it down it would be lemonade (boring I know but I'm really particular about my lemonade, it has to be lemony) or Fanta Twist.

5. Do I speak any languages?
Sadly no, I wish I did though. I did GCSE German if that counts. If you didn't know, it's like the most basic level of learning a language ever. All I can remember is irrelevant words like 'pickel'=spot and 'taschenrechner'=calculator which are just the words I loved to say. Oh and 'besonders', haha, how could i forget. I completely over used that word.

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